PalWorld is a multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game, where players can befriend, collect, and train mysterious creatures known as Pals.

In PalWorld, players find themselves in a richly detailed world filled with diverse ecosystems and secrets waiting to be discovered. The game offers a unique blend of survival mechanics, including resource gathering, farming, and crafting, with the added twist of living alongside Pals. These creatures range from cute to fearsome and possess unique abilities that can be used to assist in building, farming, and combat. Players can trade Pals, engage in battles against others, or team up to take down powerful enemies. The moral choices in the game, such as exploiting Pals for labor or protecting them from harm, add depth to the gameplay experience.


The core gameplay revolves around exploration, creature collection, and survival. Players must navigate through dangerous terrains, from lush forests to barren deserts, each home to unique Pals. Capturing and training Pals is crucial for survival and success in the game. Players must also manage their health, hunger, and safety by crafting shelter, weapons, and food. The multiplayer aspect allows for cooperation and competition, offering raids, battles, and trading. The game’s crafting system is extensive, allowing for the creation of tools, buildings, and even vehicles.

PalWorld boasts stunning graphics, with a vibrant, detailed world that brings its diverse ecosystems to life. The character and Pal designs are both charming and intricate, appealing to a wide range of players. The game’s visual effects, particularly during battles and crafting, are both impressive and immersive. The soundtrack and ambient sounds complement the game’s atmosphere, enhancing the sense of adventure and danger lurking around every corner.

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What’s new
  • Increased the HP of all Alpha Pals (larger than normal Pals), including Lucky Pals, by 1.2
  • Breeding eggs now have a slight chance to produce an Alpha Pal
  • Reduced the damage reduction rate of enemy bosses by 18%. (The HP adjustment above has been adjusted so that battles don’t become too difficult.)
  • Items and Pals dropped on death can now be picked up by anyone 24 hours after they are dropped
  • Items and Pals dropped on death will now disappear 48 hours after they are dropped
  • Fixed a bug that notified all players on the server when someone finished or failed a raid
  • Fixed a bug that caused synchronization issues when gates were opened
  • Many other minor bug fixes

You can also use modifications in this game, which can be explored on our special PalWorld mods site.


PalWorld is available on PC through digital distribution platforms such as Steam. To install, players need to purchase the game through their preferred platform, download it, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. The game may require a significant amount of storage space and a capable PC to run smoothly, especially at higher settings. Regular updates and patches are released to improve the game and add new content, ensuring players have a continuously evolving experience.
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