REPLAY is a gripping first-person horror experience where the line between video game and reality blurs on a stormy night. Playing on a classic 16-bit console, what starts as a simple platformer quickly spirals into a chilling adventure.

REPLAY, developed by Hengikken, takes the horror genre to new heights by introducing a layered narrative where a simple game becomes a portal to fear. As you engage with a 16-bit console game within the confines of your bedroom, what starts as an engaging pixel-style platformer soon unravels into a sinister experience. The game’s atmosphere intensifies as unexpected glitches and unsettling events blur the boundary between the digital game world and your own reality. REPLAY distinguishes itself with a deeply engaging story and a masterfully engineered atmosphere of suspense, offering a unique experience that combines traditional gameplay mechanics with innovative horror elements, ensuring that players are captivated from start to finish.

REPLAY features intuitive controls: the A and D keys for lateral movement, the Spacebar for jumping and interacting with doors, and the mouse for panoramic room views, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. At its heart, the gameplay is centered around a sidescrolling platformer adventure, with activities such as coin collection and NPC interactions evolving into a frantic struggle against reality-distorting glitches. This escalation culminates in a harrowing twist where these digital anomalies begin to manifest within the player’s physical environment, forging a disturbingly seamless fusion of game and reality.

REPLAY melds pixel-art visuals with immersive soundscapes to forge an experience that is both nostalgic and ominously anticipatory. Its visual presentation tips its hat to the era of 16-bit gaming, setting up a vivid contrast with the creeping horror elements that subtly infiltrate the gameplay. The sound design is crafted with precision to amplify the suspense, employing nuanced alterations in the background music and sound effects to indicate the blurring lines between the digital game environment and the encroaching terror of reality.

Download REPLAY

  • REPLAY zip (655,85 MB) [Windows 7+]
What’s new
  • Added control instructions at the menu screen
  • Added death collision for one of the pits that was missing one
  • Made some triggers a bit better


REPLAY can be downloaded directly from this page, offering players immediate access to this free horror title. Dive into a game that expertly blends nostalgia with terror, creating an unforgettable experience that challenges the boundaries between digital and physical worlds.
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