RAR for Android is a comprehensive tool for file compression, extraction, and management, featuring user-friendly interfaces and support for a wide range of formats.

RAR for Android offers a versatile suite of tools for managing compressed files on mobile devices. Designed with ease of use in mind, it supports creating and unpacking ZIP and RAR files, among others. Users benefit from advanced features such as multivolume archive creation, high compression speeds, and the ability to repair damaged archives. The application also includes security features like password protection with AES 256-bit encryption, making it ideal for users looking to manage and secure their data efficiently.


  • Supports creating and unpacking ZIP, RAR, and other popular file formats.
  • Ability to create multivolume archives for large data sets.
  • Offers several compression levels tailored to different file types.
  • Includes a repair tool for fixing damaged archives.
  • Favourites feature for quick access to often-used folders.
  • Boasts the highest compression speed.
  • Comes with a user manual for easy reference.
  • Automatic deletion of compressed files after extraction.
  • Password protection for archives, secured with AES 256-bit encryption.

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What’s new
  • Added extraction of RAR 7.0 archives with larger than 4 GB dictionaries.
  • Faster CRC32 calculation improves extraction and archiving performance for archives utilizing this checksum.
  • Dictionary size data in archive information dialog is now available for .bz2, .lz, .tar.bz2, .tar.gz, .tar.lz, .tar.zst archive formats.
  • “RAR 4.x” archiving option is removed.
Old files


To install RAR for Android, you can download it directly from the Google Play Store or use APK files provided on this page for manual installation. Follow the straightforward installation process to start managing your files with RAR for Android efficiently​​.

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