Sort the Court!

"Sort the Court!" is a captivating simulation game that places you in the role of a king making pivotal decisions to shape the fate of your kingdom.
Sort the Court!

In “Sort the Court!”, players take on the life of a monarch tasked with making daily decisions that directly impact the prosperity and downfall of their kingdom. Each choice made from a variety of unique and sometimes bizarre courtiers’ requests will affect the kingdom’s resources – gold, population, and happiness. The game’s simplicity in design belies the complexity and depth of its decision-making process, offering a surprisingly strategic experience. As you navigate through hundreds of decisions, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of characters, each bringing their own quirks and stories to your court.

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The gameplay of “Sort the Court!” is straightforward yet engaging. Players are presented with a continuous stream of characters, each requiring a simple “Yes” or “No” answer to their propositions. These decisions will lead to the growth or decline of the kingdom’s three main metrics: wealth, population, and happiness. The challenge lies in making choices that balance these metrics, as focusing too much on one aspect can lead to negative outcomes in others. The game progresses through days, with special events and characters appearing to keep the gameplay fresh and challenging.

“Sort the Court!” features charming pixel art graphics that bring its medieval fantasy world to life. The character designs are expressive and diverse, adding personality and depth to the storytelling. The game’s soundtrack complements its visual style, with medieval-themed music that enhances the immersive experience of ruling a kingdom. Sound effects for the decisions and character interactions further add to the game’s charm and engagement.

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What’s new
  • You can now play as a Queen! When starting a new game, you can choose to play as a King or Queen. This doesn’t change anything other than your appearance, voice, and what words characters will use when referring to you.
  • Added some sound effects to the menus.
  • Fixed highlight graphics of some UI elements.
  • The Wizard won’t offer to help with certain quests if he was banished.
  • Fixed other small bugs and typos.


“Sort the Court!” can be downloaded directly from this page, making it easily accessible for players looking to dive into the role of a monarch. Its straightforward installation process allows players to quickly start making decisions and shaping the destiny of their kingdom.
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