Factorio is a complex and engaging resource management and factory building game, where efficiency and automation are key to survival and expansion.

Factorio is an immersive simulation game where players take on the role of an engineer stranded on an alien planet. The ultimate goal is to build and optimize a fully automated factory complex capable of producing increasingly advanced technologies. Players must mine resources, research technologies, build infrastructure, and defend against the native fauna. As the factory expands, players must manage logistics, efficiency, and pollution, balancing resource production with environmental impact and defense needs.

Factorio’s gameplay revolves around gathering resources, crafting machines and parts, and designing efficient production lines and supply chains. Players must think strategically to optimize resource flow and production efficiency while dealing with spatial constraints and environmental challenges. The game features a robust tech tree with numerous upgrades and technologies to unlock, allowing for significant customization and variety in factory design. Multiplayer mode adds another layer of complexity and fun, enabling players to collaborate or compete in building the most efficient industrial complexes.

The game boasts a top-down, isometric view that provides a clear perspective of the sprawling factories players will build. The graphics are detailed and functional, with a focus on differentiating between the various machines, resources, and technologies. The sound design is immersive, with the mechanical noises of the factory adding to the atmosphere and the ambient soundtrack subtly enhancing the gameplay experience without being intrusive.

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What’s new
  • Added an optional “mods” to simulation definitions.
  • Disabled the majority of the lua “debug” library due to security issues.
  • Fixed LuaEntity::set_request_slot would not accept count of 0. (110676)
  • Fixed first tutorial level advancing to a wrong story step after drill is set in quickbar. (109315)
  • Fixed mods sorting order by last highlighted and by last updated. (106420)
Old files


Factorio is available for purchase and download on Steam. Additionally, a demo version can be downloaded directly from this page for both Windows and macOS platforms, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of factory-building and automation.

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