Squad Busters

Join a Gem-collecting frenzy with "Squad Busters", featuring characters from five Supercell games in a vibrant PvP/PvE battle arena. Build and optimize your Squad to emerge victorious!
Squad Busters

“Squad Busters” invites players into a dynamic arena where strategy meets chaos. With a roster pulled from Supercell’s most beloved games, participants engage in frenetic 10-player matches, striving to collect the most Gems. The gameplay seamlessly integrates both player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) elements, offering a fresh experience every time. Players start with a single character and expand their Squad by opening Chests with Coins earned during combat. Each character adds a unique flair to the Squad, essential for mastering the game’s challenges.

The core of “Squad Busters” is the strategic assembly and real-time management of a Squad capable of dominating both monsters and rival players. Combat is automatic—cease movement and your Squad engages enemies within range. However, player input is crucial for navigating the battlefield, activating special abilities, and casting spells. The game offers an array of modifiers and randomly generated challenges, ensuring a unique experience with each session.

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The game boasts a distinctive, cartoonish art style familiar to fans of Supercell’s titles, enriched with vivid colors and dynamic animations. The soundscape complements the high-energy visuals with robust sound effects that enhance the immersive battle experience.

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What’s new
  • Discover fantastic new looks and fabulous new abilities with Ultra Evolutions!
  • Find Hammers in Battles and get tons of top shelf Plaza decorations from newly opened Plaza Shop!
  • Enjoy a new Gem Pass season full of prizes, including the two newest MEGA Units: Magical Shelly and Kitsune Witch!
  • Loads of balancing changes, improvements, fixes and more!
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“Squad Busters” is available for download from this page, including an APK file for Android users, or it can be found in online stores such as the App Store and Google Play. Ensure your device meets the game’s system requirements for optimal performance.

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