Ultra Custom Night

Immerse yourself in the ultimate FNaF experience with Ultra Custom Night, featuring an unprecedented roster of 800+ characters from across the franchise. Adjust the difficulty for endless nightly variations and explore the campaign mode.
Ultra Custom Night

Ultra Custom Night takes the Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) universe to an unparalleled level. This fan-created masterpiece amalgamates characters from the entire series, including main games, spin-offs, merchandise, and the Fanverse Initiative. With over 800 characters to choose from, each adjustable in AI difficulty from 0 to 20, players are granted the power to design their own nightmarish or whimsical Custom Nights. Beyond the customization, the game introduces a comprehensive ~3+ hour campaign mode, offering a deep, narrative-driven experience that expands the lore of the FNaF universe.

The gameplay mechanics are a complex web of survival strategies, task management, and resource conservation. Players must juggle monitoring security cameras across eight unique floors, managing door controls, vent systems, and various defensive tools like the Power Generator, Heater, and Power A/C to fend off animatronics. Collecting Faz-Coins, winding the music box, and completing a variety of tasks add layers of strategy and urgency. The game elevates the traditional FNaF gameplay formula with new elements like vent radar, air ducts monitoring, a light system, and a GPS system, ensuring that every night is a fresh challenge.

Ultra Custom Night boasts detailed, atmospheric graphics that faithfully represent the eerie ambiance of the FNaF series. Character models are meticulously designed, paying homage to their original appearances while seamlessly integrating into the game’s unique aesthetic. The sound design is immersive, with haunting background music, spine-tingling sound effects, and voice acting that brings the characters to life, enhancing the tension and fear that defines the series.

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What’s new
  • The roster now has 801 characters!
  • New Skins!


Ultra Custom Night is available for download right here on this page. Immerse yourself in the definitive FNaF experience by installing the game today and prepare for endless nights of customized terror and fun.

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